A Tale of Three Races

I know some people do not like to ask for donations, but it is necessary.  “What do I say?”  “What do I bring with me?”   “I feel like I am bugging them!”  These are common statements and questions that make people nervous about talking to potential sponsors.  Think about this, the worst they can say is no and if they say yes, you are good to go!  (If you want to know more on this subject, our e-book has tips on talking to potential sponsors and also a sponsorship packet to bring with you)


Let’s look at the numbers of having sponsors vs not having sponsors.  Both of these examples have 100 registrants and $500 in expenses.

With sponsors:

100 registrations x $25 each=$2500

$2,000 in sponsorships

$500 expenses

Total money raised:  $4,000


Without sponsors:

100 registrations x $25 each=$2500

$500 expenses

Total money raised:  $2000


What could your organization do with $2,000 (or more, depending on how much you raise)?

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