HowtoPlana5K.com started out as a blog post on my personal blog detailing how to plan a successful event. I got so many questions and inquiries that I decided to write a more detailed website and the How to Plan Your First 5K Guide (the guide also works with planning your first 10K, half marathon and marathon).

When I started to plan my first 5K, I could not find many resources online. There were pieces here and there, but there was not one detailed and dedicated site to explain it all. I wanted to hear from actual Race Directors that have been in the trenches and know what it is like to bring the event plan from paper to fruition on race day. I hope that you find this website a treasure trove of information on your journey to planning your race. There are over 100 free articles on the site that you can use to gain knowledge and incite to the planning process.

If you need actual documents and budget templates, keep in mind that the “How to Plan Your First 5K Guide” has actual fundraising letters and sponsorship levels plus many, many other detailed descriptions. It has over 35 pages of detailed information and templates for you to use.  If you are in need of more help, we are available for consulting as well.

Please note that the ads on the site and the e-book “How to Plan Your First 5K Guide” help me pay for the web hosting and other expenses related to keeping this blog a free, online resource. I would love to give away the guide for free, but the costs associated with running this website prevents me from doing so. Thank you for understanding my predicament.

Let me know about your event! I would love to feature you in a story on the website. Contact me and tell me your story!

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