Finish Line Food

Who’s hungry?  Some races provide bananas, granola bars, oranges, etc. at the finish line for all participants.  This is not required but it is a nice gesture for everyone that just helped you raise money for your cause by sweatin’ it out on your course.

If you decide to provide food, the most important ‘food’ to have is water.  You can provide water in individual water bottles or big 5-10 gallon water jugs with cups.  After a 5K or longer distance race, rehydrating is crucial for participant safety.

After you take care of water, you can go on to the other food.  Consider asking a local grocery store or restaurant to provide you with some fruit in exchange for a sponsorship.  A lot of times vendors like to provide goods or services (gifts in kind) instead of a monetary donation.  This might not help with fundraising, but it does help the budget by you not having to provide those items yourself.  It also helps participant moral because who doesn’t love a race with lots of swag?!

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