If you have ever ran a race you know that running makes you go.  Yes, it does and you need to prepare for that when planning your start/finish line.  Does you start/finish line have restrooms nearby that you can use? For the most part, parks usually have access to restrooms but sometimes they don’t.  A local business or school that is nearby might allow your participants to use their facilities (this needs to be super close and you need to get permission, in writing, first).

If there isn’t anything nearby, consider renting porta-potties.  Yes, they are gross but they might be your only option.  Google “your city and porta-potties” and call to see who has the most competitive rates.  Usually you should get at least two porta-potties but that depends on your participant numbers.  Obviously two porta-potties will not work for 200 people but you can talk to your porta-potty salesperson and they will guide you to the number that will work for you.

Remember that the porta-potty industry is a sales oriented business and they are out to make money on your rental.  That is something to keep in mind when reviewing the quotes and prices that they send you.

Be sure to include this in your race budget.

Getting the Right Permits

In most cities in towns it is crucial for you to get the correct permits for your 5K race.  Whether it be in a park, on the beach, or on a street, check with you local authorities to see what type of permit you will need.

Some towns/cities have a parks and recreation department and others you will need to go to City Hall to determine where you will get your permit.

Fees range per state.

  • Consider these types of permits:
  • Road closure permits
  • Foot traffic (on roads) permits
  • Parking permits
  • Location permits (if renting a space-especially public property)
  • Porta-potty permits
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