Weathering Weather Issues

Oh, Mother Nature.  Sometimes she just doesn’t want to cooperate in other well laid plans for races, right?  Sigh.  Honestly, Mother Nature and storms are bound to happen at some point over the years you will have your race.

Deciding whether or not to cancel your event will depend on the severity of the weather.  Could someone potentially get hurt during the race and create a liability for your organization?

Most events are “rain or shine” events, but it is up to the Race Director/Committee to decide what you want to do.  If you decide to have a “rain or shine,” be sure to say so on your event website, registration page and social media.  If you don’t post a notice to that effect, you could potentially have to refund everyone but still be out the costs associated with the race.

A few years ago, the weather forced The New York City Marathon to cancel the race.  Read about what they did here.


I think it would be fun to run in the rain?  Remember when you were a kid?  Make sure to splash in all of the puddles. 😉

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