Setting Fundraising Goals

How do you determine how much you want to raise from your event?  It is best to start off with a number in mind and work really hard to get there.  Having a goal in mind is the best route versus just saying “However much we can raise.”  Of course, you are always going to strive for more than your goal, but don’t make the goal too outrageous to where you and your team feel bad for not meeting that goal.

Depending on how large your organization is and how large your marketing campaign is, should determine your goal.  Set a goal that you will have to stretch for, but not one that you can’t meet.


There are so many factors in setting your goal; I can’t give you a 100% proven formula but here are some things to consider when setting a goal:

  • How big is your operating budget deficit (i.e. $100,000 OB but still need $10,000)
  • How big is your network to pull runners from?
  • How big are your social media channels? How many followers do you have?
  • How big is the city you live in? If you need 2,000 runners to meet your goal but if your entire town only has 2,000 people, that might be a stretch!
  • How different is your race location route? Are you having it in a location that has been done before many times or is it a hard to book location that people would travel for?   (For instance, would you rather do a 5K on the Indy 500 track or a local park in your neighborhood?)
  • How many other events are you hosting that might get in the way of this fundraising via sponsors? Sometimes people/businesses get sponsored out!
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