Trophies or Race Medals

Oh, that elusive Top Finisher Prize.

How I would love to get one personally, but I run slow.

Anywayyyyyyy….What should you give the top runners for finishing ahead of everyone else?  It depends on your budget but typical race “Top 3” get some sort of prize.


Some suggestions:  Trophies, Medals, Plaques, Beer Steins, Belt Buckles

Go to a local trophy shop and see what they recommend.  Our races started off with race medals from a local shop but then we went online to an Etsy store and had custom wooden ornaments made in the shape of Texas.


Just make sure the race name, date, race category, and placement are all on the award.


Race Categories:  You can do it by age (every 5-10 years), top Female/Male, Under 18, Under 10, Clydesdale (usually for triathlons).

How many in each category:  It depends on how big your race is.  If your race is 100 people, the Top 3 will be fine, but if there are 500+, you might want to consider doing the top 5 (or more).


Keep in mind that you may not have every category filled by race day, but you might get last minute registrations where you need to have all of the awards ready.


Be sure to get the awards in your hands within 2 weeks of race day.  Never tell them you don’t need them until X date in case something goes wrong.  If they lose them, mess them up, they get lost in shipment, one of them breaks, etc, you will have plenty of time to replace it.

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